Ceramic PTC Thermistor
    NTC Thermistor
    Surface Mounting Thermistor
    Metal Oxide Varistor
    Surface Mounting Varistor
    Temperature Sensor
    Polymer PTC Resettable Fuse
    Surface Mounting Fuse


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WMZ11A  PTC preheating of the CFL / Ballast Thermistors

WMZ11B  PTC preheating of the CFL / Ballast Thermistors

WMZ12A PTC Overload Protections

WMZ11A  PTC preheating of the CFL / Ballast Thermistors

PTC Thermistors/Varistor Complex preheating of the CFL / Ballast

WMZ12A PTC Overload Protections 


265V PTC Overload Protections

0~140Vac PTC Overload Protections

Overcurrent and overload protection For telecom Exchange equipment
For meter and instrument
For telecom main distribution frame (MDF)

Overcurrent and Overload Protection

Overcurrent and Overload Protection

Overcurrent Protection Chip Type

Overheat  Temperature Sensing

WMZ58 PTC Temperature Sensing/Compensation

SMD PTC Overload Protections

Overheat  Temperature Sensing

Linear PTC thermistors

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